ICE-Trade Belt Slitting Table

With the ICE-Trade Belt Slitting Table rubber & PVC belts, rubber & PU sheeting can be cut.

The Conveyor Belt Slitter is made to the size (width) requested, comes standard with 5 circle knives, ø 226 mm. and with CE certificate. The contra roller is covered with top quality rubber. The Belt Slitting Table is painted in a RAL color according the request of the customer, the table blades and machine covers are from stainless steel.

The max. cutting capacity is 40 mm. for the standard ITBST. A heavy duty Belt Slitting Table for bigger sizes is available.

For unwinding the reel a Belt Winder, non driven or Belt Winder running synchrone with the Belt Slitter can be foreseen. Please click here to find out more about the Belt Winders.